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The island Frašker offers a great reef with a multitude of fish and critters.


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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Croatia.


Rated 2.3, 3 votes

With its many large sweet water springs, Vrulja is a dive site that offers something to everyone. Besides its tremendous colors, it is characterized by many underwater canyons and small caves that house a vast variety of species. Vrulja guarantees an exciting dive even to Trimix divers as it is more than 100 meter deep at some places....

Baron Gautsch

Rated 2.3, 3 votes

The most popular and best known wrecks in probably all of Croatia is the Baron Gautsch. This 89 meter long and 11 meter wide Austrian traveling ship was built at the beginning of the 19th century, sunk not many years later by hitting a mine on August 23rd 1914. It was transporting members of the families of Austrian officers on the line Boka Kotorska - Mali Lošinj -Trieste. Wishing to shorten traveling time, the ship had tried to come through the mine field, which is 9NM away from Rovinj....


Rated 2.3, 3 votes

Pula is a large town on the southwestern side of Istria. Its city center is not as historically important as many other towns around Istria, but some sights are well worth exploring. There is a huge and beautiful Roman Amphitheatre or Roman Coliseum, nicknamed the Arena, where plays and concerts are often held. Other attractions are the Triumphal Arch of Sergius (Golden Gate), the temple of Augustus, the Gate of Hercules and the remains of an old 14th century castle. There are also city walls, t...

Paulina Wreck

Rated 2.3, 3 votes

The wreck Paulina was an English merchandize boat that sank about 150 years ago in a lagoon not far away from Hvar Town. The first part of the dive is a field of sea grass (Posidonia) giving shelter to tiny sea-creatures. A sandy seabed slopes slowly down to 30 m of depth, a grave for an old wooden boat coated by yellow sponges....

Amphoras, RT Rakovica

Rated 1.7, 3 votes

The main characteristic of Amfore Rt Rakovica are the many pieces of amphoras you will repeatedly stumble upon while searching the ocean floor. Amphoras are the remains of the ancient Roman foundering. All unbroken amphoras have been taken out in the early 70-ies and stored in the Archeological Museum of Pula, but you can still see many big pieces of broken amphoras that have been left behind. Except amphora's, most time is spent by the very interesting wall starting at 12 meters up to 30 meters...

Old Battleship

Rated 1.0, 2 votes

About the history of this Old Battleship wreck isn't known much: it is discovered in the middle of 80-ties by a diver Sergia Gobba and members of Vis diving club. Because of a military embargo for diving in that area, it stayed untouched, what is relatively rare for such a wreck. During an investigation by the Institute for Monuments and Culture Protection, it became known that the wreck used to be a war sailing ship from the start of the 19th century. Supposedly, the ship was destroyed during a...


Rated 1.0, 2 votes

Nugal is a long stretched beach north of Tucepi, including three different and beautiful dive spots. All three are characterized by drop-offs ranging from depths of 12m to 38m with reefs full of marine life. Large schools of small fish, octopi and sometimes even sea-horses can be found here....


Rated 1.0, 2 votes

The reef Bumbište offers a very long wall dive spreading out across 200 meters. While diving, you can find a few underwater capes, many holes and underwater cliffs. Each of these is rich in colors and different life species. One of the characteristics of this dive site is that you can enter it by shore. Each of the capes is attractive in its own way, with different visibilities and different marine life. You will never know what you encounter while diving here....


Rated 1.0, 2 votes

On the west side of the island Frašker is a nice and easy dive site often drift dived in the direction of the current. Although not particularly necessary, drift diving is more relaxed and you can explore more ground. Once you end your dive, you will notice that the boat has followed the group and that you can easily exit the water. This reef is very interesting, because of its wall and reefs, which make 2-3 steps, 15 meters, 18-20 meters and then to more than 20 meters. The walls are all...


Rated 1.0, 2 votes

The Draga is a 25 meter long and 6 meter wide sand dredger used for taking out sand from the bottom of the sea, which was sunk in the sixties. Because of overloading and bad weather, the bow side got water until it finally sunk. There is a plenty of fish and usually excellent visibility. From the permanent inhabitants, the most common are eels, scorpion fish, lobster, crab-fish and cat-sharks. A lot of penatula (kind of soft coral) can be found around the wreck. The wreck is safe and appropriat...