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  1. Poreč, Rovinj : Rovinj and Poreč are two beautiful villages located on Istria's most scenic shores and bays.
    1. Baron Gautsch : One of the best and most popular wreck dives in Croatia is the 89 meter long Baron Gautsch.
    2. Hans Schmidt : The Hans Schmidt is a huge 100 meter long shipwreck sank near the Istria Peninsula in 1898 after a collision.
  2. Pula : Pula serves as the gateway to its nearby natural beauty such as the Brijuni Islands and the Verudela Peninsula.
    1. Amphoras, RT Rakovica : Amfore or Rt Rakovica is a great wall dive with many broken pieces of Roman amphoras littering the seabed.
    2. Bumbište : Bumbište is a great wall dive resembling underwater capes and cliffs just south of Pula.
    3. Canyon : The Kanjon or Canyon is a great canyon underwater and above sea level with plenty of fish.
    4. Crvene Stijene : Crvene Stijene is a great beginners dive and often used by dive schools to finish their open water certifications.
    5. Draga : The sand dredger Draga makes a great and safe wreck dive near the harbor of Pula.
    6. Flamingo PT-26 : In 1914, the torpedo boat Flamingo sank because of a mine, creating a great dive site today.
    7. Frasker : The island Frašker offers a great reef with a multitude of fish and critters.
    8. Fraškerić : The north of the island Fraškeric is a great dive area with four great caves to be explored.
    9. Galebove Stijene : Galebove Stijene is diving through some tunnels and entering a great cave which can be surfaced inside.
    10. Giuseppe Dezza : The Giuseppe Dezza has been hit by a torpedo in WWII as the remains are easily recognized as the front and back section.
    11. Jarbol : Jarbol is a great wall dive with plenty of hooks, caverns and crannies for marine life to hide.
    12. John Gilmore : The John Gilmore is a deep intact shipwreck with excellent penetration opportunities.
    13. Josephina : The upright cargo vessel Josephina was also destroyed because of sailing into a mine.
    14. Luana : The Luana is an excellent wreck dive site that is often surrounded in schools of fish.
    15. Marija : Marija is a wooden and metal sail ship with plenty of marine life.
    16. Remorker : The Remorker was a small tug boat that guided larger vessels safely into port.
    17. Rossarol Cesare : The destroyer Rossarol provides for some great wreck diving as there are several places where you can enter it.
    18. Stoja : Dive site Sjoja creates an easy dive located nearby Pula.
    19. Submarine U-82 : A submarine U82 has been sank by the Germans in WWII in deep waters near beach town Stoja.
    20. Svijetionik : The short wall Svijetionik makes for a simple but great shallow dive site near shore.
    21. Varese : The Varese was an Italian merchant steamship that sank in front of the port Pula when it struck a mine.
      1. Cres : Cres is a pretty and wild island for those who love nature, walking and its diverse flora and fauna.
        1. Krk : Krk is a very touristic island with plenty of attractions and activities including scuba diving offshore the small islands Plavnik and Prvic.
          1. Prvic Šilo : Prvic Šilo is popular because of its richness in corals and gorgonians.
          2. Prvic Tunnel : A 25 meter long tunnel on the north of Prvic is the stage of hundreds of fish, a tunnel and impressive wall.
          1. Pag : The town Novalja has been known for its exclusive clubbing and beach party center on Pag.
            1. Rab : Rab Island, well connected with Dalmatia and outer Kvarner Gulf, offers great marine growth for snorkelling and scuba activities.
              1. Goli Macinj : Goli Macinj is a dive site near a small islet just behind the island Goli.
              2. Grgur Kanjon : Grgur Canyon makes an ideal dive site to see plant life and fish on a decorated drop-off.
              3. Medova Buza : Medova Buza is a great cave with several rooms, some with open ceilings with air and one not.
                      1. Brač : Brač is known for the touristic town Bol and its beautiful beach Zlatni Rat or Golden Cape.
                        1. Purple Bay : Purple Bay is known for its walls, nooks and crannies, where you can find all kinds of hidden creatures.
                        2. Zvirje : Zvirje on the north coast of Brac offers spectacular drop-offs, canyons and plenty of marine life.
                      2. Garma Rocks : The Rocks near Garma is a dive site with caves, groups of fish and rocks.
                      3. Hvar : Hvar is with its rich history, archeologically remains and stunning beaches at the Paklini Islands, one of the most beautiful spots in Croatia.
                        1. Amphoras Hvar : In the north of Hvar you can dive on a field of long forgotten Greek amphoras and its inhabitants.
                        2. Anchor Wall : The huge admiral anchor at dive site Anchor Wall is balancing on the edge of a cliff.
                        3. Baba Reef : There is a great drop-off to be found at Baba Reef near the lighthouse.
                        4. Campanile, Turm : Campanile or Turm is a great dive site located at the west end of the Pakleni Islands.
                        5. Paulina Wreck : Paulina Wreck is an English merchant boat out of the 19th century and overgrown in great soft corals.
                        6. Poseidon Pile : Poseidon Pile is a beautiful rock formation popular because of the wicked chimney you can enter.
                        7. Selce : Selce is a great place to go diving with superb stony reefs and aquatic life.
                        8. Stambedar : Stambedar offers a great 50 meter deep wall with a very famous forest of red gorgonians.
                      4. Kamena Rocks : Dive site Kamena Rocks is a 30 meter huge rock suitable for all level of divers.
                      5. Klokun Sweet Water Springs : The underground sweet water springs near Klokun offer divers the opportunity to make a great dive.
                      6. Nugal : Nugal is one of the nice wall dives found in the area near Brac and Hvar.
                      7. Oleg's Wreck : Two fishing boats, one known as Oleg's Wreck, offer one beautiful but deep dive site.
                        1. Šupljaca : There are two large rocks with connecting reefs to be found while diving at dive site Šupljaca.
                        2. Vis : Vis Island is a relatively undeveloped and young tourist destination resulting in large numbers of marine life and excellent coral growth.
                          1. Old Battleship : This Old Battleship is known for its cannons, anchors and depths of more than 50 meter making it a great decompression dive.
                        3. Vrulja : Vrulja is an excellent sweet water spring dive near the coast of Zadvarje.