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Rab Island, well connected with Dalmatia and outer Kvarner Gulf, offers great marine growth for snorkelling and scuba activities.

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Otok Rab is one of the smallest main islands of the Kvarner Gulf, located in between the islands Krk, Cres and Pag. Being this close to the mainland of Croatia, it is not surprising that it has a rich Roman history. There are plenty of sights inside Rab Town such as its picturesque center with Medieval stone buildings, the Golden Gate (Zlatna Vrata) and the magnificent Church of Saint Christopher. One of the most famous spots for nudists is Kandalora Beach (Kandarola Beach, English Beach or Engleska Plaza); the beach where King Edward VIII and his wife were allowed to swim naked in 1936. There are tens of ferries a day between Jablanac - Mišnjak in the south and between the route Lopar - Senj and Lopar - Baška (Krk) in the north.

Rab is easily reached from most major towns in Croatia and there are plenty of boats willing to take you out to one of its beautiful spots. Dolar is a long and narrow piece of land serving as a great natural barrier on the south-western coast. Lopar is blessed with beautiful beaches such as the immense popular Sahara Beach. Other scenic villages are Mundanija, Supetarska Draga, Kampor, Banjol, Palit and Barbat. Divers will find on Rab a well established dive community, plenty of dive schools to rent equipment and several astonishing dive locations nearby. The islands Grgur, Goli Otok and especially Prvic are known for its dense and rich underwater world.

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