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Tourism is attracted to the Kvarner Gulf because of its mild climate, pretty beaches, hundreds of islets and tropical waters.

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The Kvarner Gulf or Kvarner Bay is an area located in northwestern Croatia, between the Istria Peninsula and the mainland of Dalmatia. Its main islands are Cres, Rab, Krk, Pag and Losinj, all beautiful located inside the Adriatic Sea with pretty beaches, tropical waters, historic sites and plenty of dive potential. Its protection from northern winds have blessed it with a mild year-around climate, hardly any rain and a rich underwater marine and coral world. The major hub is Rijeka, a huge international port, connecting north and Western Europe with Croatia. Although most visitors try to get to the islands as soon as possible, Rijeka has a picturesque city center with great architecture, the Rijeka Natural History Museum and the nearby natural park Opatija.

Highlights in the area are without doubt the beauty of the Kvarner Gulf Islands. You can explore the relatively quiet island of Cres with the remains of a 15th century palace belonging to the family Petric or the historic town Beli. Krk with its medieval town walls, the inner island Košljun, the pretty town Baška and the scuba dive islands Vrbnik and Plavnik make excellent excursions. For some vibrant nightlife you can visit Novalja on Pag with its world renowned Zrce Beach. Other islands nearby are the remote island Susak, located west of Losinj. Susak is out of reach of the main tourist mass; an island where traditional clothing and their own dialect is still kept intact.

Marine life you are most likely to meet while scuba diving or snorkeling underwater are sea stars, eels, crabs, octopus, scorpion fish and many other smaller marine creatures. Its many nice coves and beaches (pebble, rock, sand) offer easy access points and its warm waters make diving pleasant with plenty of different aquatic species. Kvarner is rich in history, excavations and make a great holiday vacation also for those not interested in diving.

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