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Cres is a pretty and wild island for those who love nature, walking and its diverse flora and fauna.

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Cres is with 68km long and 20km wide one of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea. Located east of Istria right in the middle of the Kvarner Gulf, it is wild and rocky in the north and more lush and flat in the south. A drawbridge near the town Osor reconnects Cres and Lošinj which were once separated from another by a narrow canal. You can find steep cliffs (habitat of the bird the griffon vulture) as well as flat plains, rocky hills and Mediterranean forest. It is an island sparsely populated and diverse in geology. Cres Town, the main settlement, has several historic sites such as a Venetian clock-tower and the remains of a 15th century Palace belonging to the family Petris or Petric. Other interesting spots are the historic town Beli, the recently built tourist town Martinšcica and Lubenice, a beautiful village located on a hillside near cliffs offering spectacular bayside views.

Vransko Lake (Lake Vrana) is a deep natural lake that serves the area for drinking water, with its surface above sea level and its deepest point more than 70 meters below sea level. The once so touristic campsite Baldarin offers peace and one of the best beaches on the island. Don't visit Cres for its exorbitant nightlife and clubbing since it is virtually absent, it is the island's remarkable bird and plant life, nature and tranquility that should attract you.

Sveti Ivan Bay and Valun Bay are just two examples of Cres' beautiful coves and pebble beaches. Divers will be most attracted to the north side of Cres where it is also possible to visit some of the wrecks located inside the Vela Vrata canal. There are over one hundred resident dolphins located in the bay, so you might be lucky and meet them while diving.

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