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This Old Battleship is known for its cannons, anchors and depths of more than 50 meter making it a great decompression dive.

Name Dive Site:Old Battleship
Depth: 52-54m (170-177ft)
Inserted/Added by: anma

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About the history of this Old Battleship wreck isn't known much: it is discovered in the middle of 80-ties by a diver Sergia Gobba and members of Vis diving club. Because of a military embargo for diving in that area, it stayed untouched, what is relatively rare for such a wreck. During an investigation by the Institute for Monuments and Culture Protection, it became known that the wreck used to be a war sailing ship from the start of the 19th century. Supposedly, the ship was destroyed during a strong wind or at nighttime while it was approaching the harbor of Vis.

Long-life exposure to the currents and sea water of its wooden hull didn't leave a lot of the wreck, except of the part which is preserved under the sand (mostly the keel and underwater part of the body). However, there are still 16 cannons (2 bronze and 10 iron), of which the bronze ones are taken out for exploring, and also 4 huge anchors. At a depth of 25 m it is possible to see these cannons and the ships main body. Cannons are strictly divided one by one like they used to be. On the southern part of the ship there are 3 huge anchors and on the other side you can find another. Parts of equipment and bands of foremast can be seen everywhere. The hull is overgrown with sponges and shells, and it's impossible to see what is what. The dive site is deep, requires long decompression time and is only recommended for experience divers!

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