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In 1914, the torpedo boat Flamingo sank because of a mine, creating a great dive site today.

Name Dive Site:Flamingo PT-26
Depth: 40-45m (131-147ft)
Inserted/Added by: istradiving

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The Italian torpedo-boat named Flamingo PT-26 was armed with two bow-torpedoes and garrisoned by fourteen members. It was built on the 29th of August 1889 and sunk on the 23rd of August 1914 at half past two in the morning when it came across a mine. This 22 meter long and 5 meter wide torpedo boat took less than half an hour before it sank. Captain J. O. Krieg succeeded to send a light signal for urgent help and put an emergency boat into the sea. Soon after, his attempts were futile as the emergency boat got destroyed, because of the strong north-east wind and high waves. So the crew had to fight with the sea and storm. Help from torpedo-boats number 20 and 30 had arrived in the early morning, saving the commandant and six crew-members, but they came too late for eleven of them.

The bow with one torpedo is preserved, but only the working shaft with the propeller has left from the stern. It is recommended only for experienced divers. Usually, the visibility is good. Besides plenty of fish and crab-fish, there are a lot of penatula growing on the wreck as well.

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