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The Varese was an Italian merchant steamship that sank in front of the port Pula when it struck a mine.

Name Dive Site:Varese
Depth: 33-42m (108-137ft)
Inserted/Added by: istradiving

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The Italian merchant steamship named Varese was sunk on the 18th of January in 1915. It was transporting cargo from Trieste to Tunis, Tunesia. The captain had decided to shelter in a port of Pula, because of a severe storm ravaging at that time on the north Adriatic. On its way towards shore, the ship struck a mine, which had blown up the bow. The wreck sank immediately, in waters deeper than 30 meters, on the same place where it is situated up till today.

During the dive it is possible to enter the 60 meter long and 9 meter wide wreck. Diving at shipwreck Varese is demanded by many divers, because of its beauty, safety and simplicity. It is suitable for all sorts of classical and technical diving, as well as for Nitrox or Trimix courses.

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